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Group Crosstabs Function on Nav Attributes ?

6 days ago


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What are the prequisites for the Afo Group Crosstab / Link Dimension Functions.

Does it work on exactly the same technical name Infoobjects ? What about referenced or navigational objects. Like linking 0CosterCenter to 0SenderCostercenter... ?

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Hello Matthias - do you mean sharing the axis on the crosstab or actual grouping? I think the sharing axis would work in your scenario. Would you please clarify? Also which version/SP of Analysis Office are you using?


Hello Tammy, I´m using Afo 2.5 SP3.

Yes, sharing axis would be the goal. Yet it does only work with a quieries with both contain the same Dimension, for instance 0Costcenter.

If a have a query with 0Costcenter and one with 0SenderCostercenter (which is a referenced Infoobject to 0Costcenter) it´s not possible...

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1 Answer

Diego Ferrary
5 days ago

Hi Matthias,

You can check all the information related to Group Crosstab here.

For Link Dimensions you can find here.


Diego Ferrary

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