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Sep 26, 2008 at 08:12 PM



Good afternoon SAP experts,

I have been working with purchase requisition BAPIs and encountered some questions:

1) I can create a requisition with service items using the "old" bapi, BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE; but I cannot see how to do that with the "new" bapi, BAPI_PR_CREATE.

Is it possible to create the service items on a requisition with BAPI_PR_CREATE?

If so how should I set up the data?

2) I want to add header text to an existing requisition.

I tried to use BAPI_PR_CHANGE but cannot get the changes to save, even though the return is

S 06                    403 Purchase requisition 1000004492 changed   
S BAPI                  002 Instance 1000004492 of object type PurchaseRequisition has been changed.  

I also tried changing an item quantity, and had the same result (success message but requisition was not really changed).

I have "Test Run" empty!

Can anyone provide some clues as to what I might be doing wrong with this bapi?

For BAPI_PR_CHANGE, do I need to load all of the existing data of the requisition into the tables, or just have data in the fields that are being changed?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide on these questions!


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