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BEx Variable defined on Navigation Attribute does not appear in Parent InfoObject variable list

Apr 12 at 03:14 PM


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Hello Experts,

In BEx Query Designer 7.x, is it possible to be able to use a BEx Variable that is defined on a Navigational Attribute, within the Parent InfoObject restriction? If yes then how?

Please see example below. We are able to see the Variables that are defined within the parent InfoObject (e.g. ZVAR in ZPLANT) in the list of variables available within it's respective Navigational Attribute element usage (e.g. ZVAR is available in list of ZREGION__ZPLANT), but not the other way round.

Hope the question is clear. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Hi Nirmit, could you please add some screenhots of the example and the variable definiton.

Thanks and regards,

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Matthias Kadletz

Hi Matthias,

Thank you for responding to the question.

Please see below the screenshot - Highlighted in yellow are the variables defined in parent InfoObject SCPLSITE that DO appear in the variable list of it's Navigational attribute usage SCOMPLANT__SCPLSITE. But the remaining defined within the Nav attribute element DO NOT appear in parent InfoObject.

Hope it is clear now.



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1 Answer

Matthias Kadletz
Apr 16 at 01:18 PM

Hi Nirmit, now I understood your question. Thanks.

It depends on which reference characteristic you have selected. If you select the Navigational Attribute as ref. characteristic it will only displayed in the variable list of the Navigational Attribute. This works as designed.

If you would like to use the variable for the basic characteristic and navigational attribute you have to define the variable on the basic characteristic (in your case SCPLSITE).

Regards, Matthias

variable.png (89.0 kB)
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