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Apr 13, 2018 at 01:19 PM

SAP IQ16 - backup restore



I have an issue with restoring SAP IQ 16 on a simple Windows install. Its the IQDEMO database so couldn't be more simple. The database files are in E:\IQDEMO and backups to D:\IQDEMO_backup. Here is the workflow ...

--logon on to IQDEMO database via dbisql as 'dba'

BACKUP DATABASE FULL TO 'D:\\IQDEMO_backup\iqdemobakfull' with comment 'full'

--The file ... D:\IQDEMO_backup\iqdemobakfull.1 ... gets created

--Stop IQDEMO service

--Delete the .iq .db and .log files in database location E:/IQDEMO

--Start utility database

--logon on to utility database via dbisql as 'dba'

RESTORE DATABASE 'iqdemo' FROM 'D:\\IQDEMO_backup\iqdemobakfull'

--following error generated

Could not execute statement.

.db or .log file exists.Full restore will not be done.


(dblib\db_backupCmds.cxx 2844)

SQLCODE=-1012025, ODBC 3 State="HY000"

Line 1, column 1

The actual IQ files are in E:/IQDEMO with the backups going to D:\IQDEMO_backup.

I've deleted the .iq .db and .log files in E:/IQDEMO before attempting restore.A

Sure I'm doing something dumb.

Any ideas?