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WebI - Slow Initial Refresh - Relational JCO Connection ERP Infoset/SAP Query

Apr 13 at 09:30 AM


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Hello WebI Experts,

I defined a relational Connection into ERP System using the JCO.

Using then some SAP Queries in a multisource universe to do an derived table (nothing complicated) and some more join operations (also not complicated).

Situation I observe is that and intial connect of a report takes very Long about 1:30 Min.
Very small data return set (30 records). Time on database in ERP spent is minimal.

Subsequent refresh with different selections and also larger return set (and even different WebI user) are much much faster -> 0:10 Min

Any ideas how to "tune" the initial connect or how to find what the issue is or any ideas what the issue could be?

Thanks for all replies in advance,


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1 Answer

Apr 13 at 09:38 AM

Login in the Data Federation Administration tool and watch the behaviour of how query is running.Front end may be it's single query but DF tool give idea actually how the query running .how many query DF is executing before concluding final results.

You can compare the behaviour of both queries.

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Hello Amit,

thank you very much for pointing to the data federation admin tool.

In the tool I see that the SQL takes (for long refresh) just 33 sec whereas the overall refresh time of the webi document is 1min 44 sec.

So the data retrieval seems not to be the culprit. And as the data result is only 90 rows rendering etc. should also not be an issue.

Any ideas what I can check next -> what can cause the long overall refresh time?

Many thanks in advance,



90 rows are in DF tool or in webi report?

how many tables/charts are there in the report?


90 rows is in DF tool and this is what is also displayed in webi. Two tables. No Charts.


Any further ideas on this topic?


do you have separate APS for Data Federator services in BO server?


No, we run the standard BOE Installation (I think). Data federator is part of the DataAccess.APS - not seperated in dedicated APS.