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Nov 02, 2016 at 03:19 AM

Table maintenance Generator allowing to modify values


Hi Experts,

I am having two custom tables. Both tables having delivery class C ( customising table) Data Browser/Table View Maint. is Display/Maintenance allowed.In Technical settings Data Class is APPL2 ( Organization and customizing ) and Log data changes checkbox is checked. In Table maintenance generator - Standard recording routine is selected.

All the properties are similar for both the tables. But when I execute the Transactions ( Default values - Update = X for both the tables. ) for both tables 1) One table is resulting with message "Client 720 has status 'not modifiable " and all fields in display mode. 2) Next table when executing non-key fields are in change mode ( allowing to modify).

Can you please help me in understanding why is the difference. or in regeneration some issue has caused.

Thanks & Regards,