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Sapnco.dll Rfc Server connection issues

Apr 13 at 03:33 PM


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I have built an Rfc server in dot net as per Spotlight on Connector and How to build an rfc server using the sapnco v3.0 dll However, it is unable to connect to my sap system, the error is "service '?' is unknown". I have tried setting the parameters in the app.config and also directly in the code, but no luck. Do I need to do anything special in SAP to enable the gateway host? In my sm59 transaction i specified "sapgw00" as the gateway service. Is the gateway host value just the ip address of the sap machine? I have already successfully used the non-server features of sapnco.dll to call bapi's and remote enabled functions, it is just the rfc server code which is failing at line


Thanks for any assistance!

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1 Answer

Antal Perger
Apr 13 at 04:10 PM

Hi Marcus,

Instead of service name (sapgwnn) enter the port number of the ABAP gateway. The default gateway port number is 33nn, where nn is the instance number. The gateway port number can be checked in the dev_rd file, for example:

Bind service 3301 (socket) to port 3301

The "service is unknown" message indicatres that services file does not contain the sapgwnn entry. See SAP note

896973 - Service 'xyz' unknown; error in getservbyname/getaddrinfo

Best regards,


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