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Time in Lieu

Apr 13 at 12:26 AM


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We have a scenario where our client gives OT as time in lieu

The extra hours worked go and sit in the hours available for day off

Now the client wants this to stop... where are in the wagetypes do we have to make the changes and in the PCR's

The WT also display on the payslip of the employees

Appreciate your views

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2 Answers

Brendan Gibbons Apr 13 at 02:48 PM


You will need to give a lot more information on the current setup before you can expect any worthwhile advice!

There are a lot of different ways your current scenario can be implemented.


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The present scenario is any employee who works more than his planned working time in IT0007 will get TOIL

Through IT2006 subtype TOIL

The clients plans to stop the present

My query is where to start the audit and what best questions to check with regards to TOIL

Rémi Corriveau Apr 24 at 04:45 PM

1 - Look at the configuration of your TOIL Quota to see what Time Type is linked to it's Allowance;

2 - Use program RPDASC00 to expand your Time Evaluation Schema (expanding all rules and subordinate rules) and identify where that Time Type gets generated;

3 - Question your Client as to what is required for the actual Quota Balance, and as of what Date must the Accumulation stop.

4 - Plan your changes, modify the PCRs so that the Allowance TT does not get generated anymore, delimit the configuration of the Quota, configure the Compensation of the existing Quota Balance, etc...

5 - Test

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Thanks appreciate if you could Help me more in detail, I have found the schema using that program how further do I drill downcaptureschema.pngcaptures1.png

captureschema.png (34.9 kB)
captures1.png (8.8 kB)

After expanding your Time Evaluation schema ZTM4 (and it's rules), you should search for the pcr that processes Overtime Hours and transforms them in TimeInLieuOf Quota Allowance, or where that Quota Accrual Time Type gets generated.

As for what displays on the PaySlip, you"ll have to look at the configuration of your Client's Remuneration Statement or at an employee's Payroll Results Table to identify what WageType holds these TimeInLieuOf hours/days, and see if the WT is generated through your TE Schema.