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Sep 25, 2008 at 10:38 PM

F110S (payment run + DME creation) running for infinite time


Hi ABAP gurus,

I originally posted this question in ERP finicials but didn't get any response. If somebody has faced any similar issue please share the solution

A batch job schduled for "daily payment run + creation of DME files" using F110S (SAP ECC 6.0) . The batch is running in production for more infinite time.

The job runs in following 2 steps

1. SAPF110S which processes the payment clears FBL5N.


The second step seems a non-ending process.

The job variant has only 15 customers, only one invoice is to be processed against one account.

However in quality system the same job with more than 10,000 customer account range with more than 10 invoices runs just in few minutes.

Any idea or suggestion why it's taking so long in production? Any missing configuration in production server?


It's not performance issue. When we run F110S or F110 in production with individual login id, program runs the way it should and finishes in reasonable time (for example the scenario I described in question finsihes in few seconds).

The problem occurs only when production batch job runs with job scheduler; program seems looping somewhere for infinite time - to be particular it keeps reading the table TPRI_DEF which has just few records (must be reading this table inside a loop).