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Sep 25, 2008 at 08:34 PM

Receiving e-mails in SAP (from Exchange 2000)


Hello everybody.

I would like to know if anyone has had the experience of configuring the SMTP service to receive e-mails in your inbox from SAP, sent from the server of Microsoft Exhange 2000.

We have SAP 4.7 Enterprise with the SMTP service and to operate without problem, allowing SAP to send mail from external accounts.

But now we want to setup the opposite side, from the Exchange server emails to the inbox of users of R / 3.

And followed every step that explain the notes of SAP 455140 and 546147, but is not working.

There is some additional configuration to be done at the mail server (Exchange) to be able to route these emails to the server SAP?

According to the note 455140, says:

...." Settings on the mail server (SAP-external configuration) To be able to receive mails in the SAP system, you need to set your mail server so that certain mail addresses are forwarded to one or several SAP systems or clients. For this purpose, you need to define routing rules that assign a mail host and/or port to address areas (generic address parts, usually the domain), for example:

* --> SAPWASHost:25000

* --> SAPWASHost:25001

For more information about the exact setting procedure, see the mail server documentation. Note 546147 describes where the documentation can be found for the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, and what to do if your mail server does not allow routing to ports other than port 25u2026u2026..u201D

Appreciate anyone who can guide me in this case.