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Reverse STO Cross Company with HU

Apr 12 at 03:16 PM


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I follow process given by SAP regarding OSS notes 1688902.

Create PO with flag Return

Use MIGO on PO, movement 161 get. Save and OD is created. In OD, create TO by WM and assign HU to return. Confirm TO and Post Good issue.

HU has status PSTD GI, stock is in transit.

Create using VL10B, OD type NCR with movement 673.

When i want to assign the same HU in precedent OD. System display error message on status of HU.

What is the problem regarding the comments of SAP in notes OSS: it's possible to reuse the same HU?

Thanks for you answer.

Best regards;

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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Apr 12 at 04:19 PM

a) you did not tell the exact message "System display error message on status of HU" this is pretty vague. And since SAP has far more than 50000 messages and having the supporter make guesses is usually not the right approach to get a solution.

b) What you did is not what option 1 from the OSS note explains.

It clearly says that only option 1 can be used for SIT. And option 1 is a "swapped process", which means if your plant B ordered from plant A and wants to return it now, then your plant A shall create a STO to order the material from plant B.

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Laurent. Daniel Apr 13 at 09:50 AM

Thanks Jurgen,

a) the message is the HUGENERAL 17 which displayed when you try to put the same HU number used in OD in new OD like option 2 explained.

b) I doesn't use option 1 because my customer want to have a different movement for return STO not the same as in inital process.

Sure, option 1 work correctly.

But when you use option 2 stock is put in transit also. I don't see the difference.

Please, let's me know.


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I have no details about your SIT process and your HU process and do not know in which release you are, the OSS note explains that the SIT process has restrictions for HU management and suggested to look into OSS note 1842901 and 1822497 for more details. Based on that you should then be able to evaluate whether it works or not.


We are on ECC6 Ehp8 support package 618 passed.

My process is a standard process STO cross company (no log_mm_sit actived).

Initial transfer with movement 643 and 101 work fine using OD, output type SPED, IB automatic with HU and WM.

Issue is on return process standard SAP with PO created manually and using movement 161 (work fine) and movement 673 (dont'work, because impossible to reuse HU number of movement 161). error message HUGENERAL 17 on status HU PSTD.

It's the process given in option 2 in OSS notes 1688902.

Laurent. Daniel Apr 13 at 09:54 AM

Sorry look at my process:

Plant A and Plant are not in the same company.

Plant A transfert with STO cross company using output type message SPED to Plant B.

When it's the end of campaign, Plant B returns to plant A end of batch.

for me, option 2 was the best solution.


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