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Adding custom fields in Transportation Cockpit FU Stages and FU Hierarchy in TM 9.4

Apr 12 at 01:08 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to add few custom fields in the FU stages and FU Hierarchy in transportation cockpit. These field should only be visible in the cockpit with the value derived at runtime. Screenshot attached. I tried enhancing the underling UI structure and and also did component customizing to add the new fields. But that did not work. can anybody suggest the best possible way to achieve

tc-1.png (345.2 kB)
tc-2.png (79.6 kB)
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B. Mateman Apr 12 at 02:11 PM

I think what is missing is the config-id enhancement (or create your own config-id). You can find the config-id by

Application administration->Planning->General settings->Page layouts->Page layouts for transportation Cockpit

Open a cockpit and go for example to the requirements area and press the button "Display configuration Data".

Here you can find the config-id that needs an enhancement or replaced by your own config-id

Kind regards, Benno Mateman

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Hi B. Mateman,

First of all thanks for your reply.

I have tried that also after my post here. In Sandbox *TM 9.3 I tried copying the


for FU Stage UIBB in TC checking that in page lauout and created my own config ID



Checked the corresponding FBI view and get the UI structure and append my custom field. And then use my Config ID thus created assign it to pagelayout I created for the specific section where I want to have it. This works fine. But when I try to do the same thing in Dev box TM 9.4 while copying the same config ID and try to create my own its giving an error. See attached. Looks like Some actions associated with Toolbar not copied as error says the the <ACTION> not defined by the feeder class. Not sure why its giving me error in TM 9.4 while the same did not happen in TM 9.3. Appreciate you thought here.cusersext-ammitdesktoptc-3.pngcusersext-ammitdesktoptc-4.png


There have been some changes in component configuration indeed. For example in the configuration for the FU's the button "Remove Assigment" has been replaced by "Remove capacity document". Looking at your error messages I would search for a solution in this area. Did you run already run migration report



Maybe some adjustments in the customizing transaction SAP Transportation management->

SAP Transportation management->Planning->General settings->Define settings for page layouts, are required.

If you still don't manage I would suggest to create a SAP incident.

Kind regards, Benno Mateman


Hi B. Mateman,

I am able to manage adding fields by enhancing the component configuration for each of the sections needed. The way you mentioned. But I was curious to know why copy of component configuration comes with errors in TM 9.4 and how to resolve that. Enhancing comp config solved the problem though.

Thanks to your for your valuable input.