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UAM: No password in closing notification in access request

Apr 12 at 10:05 AM


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We are in the process of implementing GRC 10.1 (SP19) for User Access Management. We have run into an issue when a new user is created in the GRC System itself using UAM. The user receives a notification with their user id and a link to the password. Unfortunately, when we click on the password link it redirects the user to GRC logon and as this is a new user they do not know the password. In, addition, we would like to test by changing configuration to have the actual "password" displayed in the email rather than through a link.


Hi Elizabeth Duke (LSTEIN),

The Request number : 66 , has been processed and the Request is Closed. The details are as follows:

LSTEIN User created in QG0CLNT100

Click here to view password(s)


Other Questions and blogs all refer to GRC 10.0 and dont actually give a solution to the above issue.

Does anyone know how to do this or fix this in GRC 10.1?

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3 Answers

Ramesh Vithanala Apr 12 at 03:22 PM


Can you check and send us more information on the email template used for notification event end of request in global provisioning request.



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Elizabeth Duke Apr 13 at 09:27 AM

Hi Ramesh

We are using AR_CLOSE template and created a Z_AR_Close - which is mapped in GRC SPRO and routed under stage path and Global Settings in MSMP to the GRAC_USER

In the Global Provisioning settings under SPRO - we have set that the email is to be sent with no restriction on timeline or validity of password and user to be created if missing for change requests


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Hi Elizabeth,

AR_CLOSE template ID has the following notification variable %PROVISIONING% but in your custom Z_AR_CLOSE I see the link?can you send me the contents inside the <A HREF = XXXXXXXXX > here </A>.

Just curious did you try other notification event like AR_APPROVED?



Alessandro Banzer Apr 13 at 12:02 PM

Hi Liz,

simply go to SPRO and Maintain Provisioning Settings and in the global setting change the Send Email status in the email settings to YES (to send passwords).

Regards, Alessandro

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