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Display sub totals of each page at the top of every page in smartforms

Hello all i am using a page break I have sub totals on my every page in smartforms but I also want this subtotal to be print in the template at the top of every page i am just displaying this total amount field but the value is not coming pls guide me

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1 Answer

  • Apr 17 at 07:36 AM


    Use the counter for counting the number of records , say if each page can display 5 records , then after every 5 record calculate the subtotal and ,Create a seperate window for subtotal and display it.

    Go to Mainwindow -> Table Node -> Calculation Tab ->In Operation select total , give quantity field name , target field name and time after loop .sub totals in SMARTFORMS

    you can do the subtotals at page level using the Calculation Tab available in the Table.

    Make a table in your main window and in the footer of your table print the sub total.

    You can subtotal your field in the 'Calculation' tab of the table. Just make sure to reset this field after every page.

    In the conditions tab of the footer check the boxes 'At Page Break' and 'At end of table'.



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    • Hello Prashant thank you for you answer I have already done the calculation and my subtotal at the footer is displaying but I have other windows too at the same page i want this footer subtotal to be display in one of those windows of the same page like page 1 subtotal = 100 (this amount 100 should also display at the top of page too) same goes to page 2 subtotal = 50 (then print 50 at the top of second page) and etc.