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Is there a classification catalog of standard mechanical components?

Apr 12 at 06:16 AM


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Hello Everyone
We start the classification of the components used in our manufacturing process to allow later sharing of our parts defined by our various R & D departments around the world
These are "standard" components used all over the world (screws, springs, washers, plastics, etc.).
I need to identify the specific technical characteristics of each component family in several languages.
We are currently starting the topic by consulting the various R & D departments, asking them what criteria they think are needed to define these components.
Are there standard multilingual catalogs for the different parts used in mechanical engineering?

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1 Answer

Jürgen L Apr 17 at 11:48 AM

Yes, such catalogs exist, but as usual, if one has put in a lot of work then it is of course sold and not given away for free. Find details in

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Hello Jürgen,
thank you for the answer.
I know E-class, unfortunately it's not exactly what I need.
This catalog is used in our company by purchases to "define families"
I am not looking for a way to hierachize and put away my "objects" but rather to assign them technical characteristics allowing to have attributes that give me information on what it is ((for example,: screws, dimensions , color, material, standard, surface treatment, ...) and exploit this data for production applications. This also exempts me from relying on a meaningful reference codification of the object or attempting to put all these info in the designation.

Stéphane LIEGEY

I am not up-to-date with the newest versions of eclass, but I am pretty certain that they had detailed classification in earlier releases, and we even loaded it into our classification system.

Their homepage actually shows still the hierarchy of the classes on the left and at the lowest class level you actually have the characteristics in the right window:

eclass.png (103.9 kB)