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IOT 4.0 Cockipit Device Online status - what is the logic applied to determine the status?

Apr 12 at 04:45 AM


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Hello experts,

In IOT 4.0, each device has a property called "online". Could you please help us understand how a device is considered to be online or offline? I have certain devices with status "offline". However, we had sent data to these devices successfully.



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1 Answer

Anton Levin
Apr 12 at 05:17 AM

Hello Ajith,

"offline" state of the device would mean that the respective gateway did not receive any requests (measures) from the device for a while.

Regards, Anton

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Thanks for the quick response Anton.

Is this polling time interval/frequency configurable? Our requirement is like this -

Each sensor type may have a different heartbeat ( Time interval at which it sends data ) and we have a report which shows how many devices are online and how many are offline at any given time.

So, can we have Gateway poll each device at freely definable intervals and tell us if it is on or off?

If not, could you please help us understand as to how we can achieve such a requirement?

Thanking you in advance,


Former Member

Hi Ajith,

as of today, Gateway infers the online/offline status of a device based on the incoming data that the device ingests. It does not actively poll the device to discover its status. If you need to implement a scenario where an application polls the device and expects an answer from it, you can rely on commands - the app could send a command to the device which, on turn, would respond dispatching a certain measurement. In short, the device implementation should listen to the command and use it as a trigger to dispatch a specific measurement to Gateway. Would this fulfil your requirement/use case?