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XSODATA service returns different results than calculation view output

Apr 12 at 04:35 AM


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Hi All,

I'm facing strange issue in our XSODATA service, the output is different from HANA calculation view and XS Service and the issue occurs only for few columns and the value appears to be huge for the affected column.

HANA Calculation View Output


HANA XSODATA service output

Please help me understand what could be issue in the service. I tried recreating calculation view and service, still it returns the same result.



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1 Answer

Thomas Jung
Apr 12 at 02:14 PM

You can add the URL parameter &sap-ds-debug=html to the XSODATA query. Instead of seeing the results of the query you will see technical information. From the SQL tab you can see the generated SQL statement.

sap-ds-debug.png (148.3 kB)
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Hi Thomas,

Appreciate your response. We did add the URL parameter &sap-ds-debug=html and got the below output. We also tried Chrome dev tools but couldn't view the tabs REQUEST,RESPONSE,SERVER,SQL or XSODATA. May I know the chrome app or extension that I should use to get these tabs.

4znlt.png (61.2 kB)
Sathish Dharmaraj

XSA or XSC? If XSC then the parameter name is ≺ofile=html. The output will also look a little different in XSC with this profile but both approaches will give you the exact SQL statement generated by the XSODATA call.



It's XSC. With profile=html we didn't see any ambiguity in the SQL as below. We have built similar applications where there is no such weird issue in the service.


select "Param2"."I_Allocation_Territory" "0","Param2"."I_Distribution_Channel" "1","Param2"."I_Fiscal_Period_End_Date" "2","SummaryViewType2"."CUSTOMER" "3","SummaryViewType2"."SKU" "4","Param2"."I_Allocation_Territory","Param2"."I_Distribution_Channel","Param2"."I_Fiscal_Period_End_Date","SummaryViewType2"."CUSTOMER","SummaryViewType2"."SALES_ORG","SummaryViewType2"."ALLOCATION_TERRITORY","SummaryViewType2"."DIST_CHANNEL","SummaryViewType2"."SKU","SummaryViewType2"."PRODUCT_SEGMENT","SummaryViewType2"."EFFT_DATE","SummaryViewType2"."COND_CURRENCY","SummaryViewType2"."HISTORICAL_WOS","SummaryViewType2"."INIT_RESV_WKS","SummaryViewType2"."INIT_RESV_WKS_PERC","SummaryViewType2"."LTR_RESV_WKS_PERC","SummaryViewType2"."RESERVE_PER","SummaryViewType2"."AVBL_QTY","SummaryViewType2"."TTR_QUAN","SummaryViewType2"."EXTEND_AMOUNT","SummaryViewType2"."EXCHANGE_RATE","SummaryViewType2"."EXTEND_AMOUNT_USD","SummaryViewType2"."ENDING_INV_QTY","SummaryViewType2"."ENDING_INV_VALUE","SummaryViewType2"."AVG_ACT_POS","SummaryViewType2"."ACT_WOS","SummaryViewType2"."WKLY_WOS","SummaryViewType2"."EXC_LVL_WKS","SummaryViewType2"."RES_INIT_WKS","SummaryViewType2"."RES_LTR_WKS","SummaryViewType2"."EXC_CI_BEF_RESV","SummaryViewType2"."EXC_CI_AFT_RESV","SummaryViewType2"."ALLOC_RES_VALUE","SummaryViewType2"."ALLOC_RES_VALUE_LCL","SummaryViewType2"."POSTED_RES_VALUE","SummaryViewType2"."NET_RES_VALUE" from (select ($1) "I_Allocation_Territory",($2) "I_Distribution_Channel",($3) "I_Fiscal_Period_End_Date" from sys.dummy) "Param2","_SYS_BIC"."SEER.CHANNEL_LEVEL.VIEWS/CV_CHANNEL_LEVEL_RESERVES_SUMMARY"(PLACEHOLDER."$$I_Allocation_Territory$$" => ?,PLACEHOLDER."$$I_Distribution_Channel$$" => ?,PLACEHOLDER."$$I_Fiscal_Period_End_Date$$" => ?) as "SummaryViewType2" where 1=1 order by "3","4"


So what happens when you run this generated SQL statement via SQL Console? Do the results match the XSODATA output or your View testing directly? There must be some difference between this query and the one you running as your test. Focus on that difference.


Hi Thomas,

We ran the generated SQL in SQL console, and it generated output values as expected. The output displayed in IE and Chrome are incorrect.
Strangely, the results in Mozilla Firefox are correct.
We repeated the test in IE and chrome after clearing cache and browsing data, and the results were still incorrect in IE and chrome.
We have directed this issue to our UI SME.
Thanks for your responses.