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Apr 12, 2018 at 03:18 AM

SAPUI5 Repeated xml fragment


Hi Expert,

I'm having such requirement whereby I need to display repeated fragment view dynamically as below screen shot. When there is a scenario of 3 blocks is selected, i need to append this fragment view accordingly to the page. The question is how can I retrieve the input dynamically since I'm not providing the element id in the fragment view? The reason I'm not insert the id in the fragment view is due to the view will append dynamically and it will get duplicate id errors if I gives the element id in the fragment view.

I've tried using domfef to get the value but unfortunately I only can get the input field for name and passport number. Relationship field is using select controller and it's not under input field category. Any idea whereby I can retrieve all the inputs dynamically?

$(pageDom).find("input").each(function(index, elem)





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