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User Specific Table Personalization SAP UI5

Apr 11 at 11:18 PM


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I am looking for user specific table personalization. I know UI5 has the control to do that.But I need to save for that specific user and next time when he comes back I need to show his personalized table.

We are not using Smart Filter and also we don't want to store it on the back end through a service call.

Is there something available on HANA Side or SCP to do ?

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1 Answer

Sergio Guerrero Apr 12 at 12:56 PM

if you want to persist it but not on the back end ??? your option is cookie or localstorage / if you have to do this, then i would suggest localstorage. keep in mind, the user will only have this persistance on the browser he/she did this. if they switch browsers or computers, then their personalization will be lost. the only way to keep it constant from browser to browser or pc to pc would be via persisting in the back end

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Hi Sergio,

Thanks.As I am aware of local storage on the browser.

We are using Grid Table and need personalization for Grid Table?Is it possible.If so can we do something on SCP or HANA to save those variants and personalization


you should be able to ....

once saved, when the app / pages inits... apply the personalization during run time (javascript)


Could you please provide any input or reference blog on saving those variants ,personalization on SCP without Odata Service Call and deployment on Launchpad.

We are accessing the application as Web App (HTML5 Apps) as of now.But still the requirement is to store those variants on SCP