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Best way to call odata request

Apr 11 at 04:20 PM


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Hi , community Today i have a doubt performance, be cause a coworker told me "be careful with many call to odata and performance" so i don't know if it's best do 1 request with many data or do litle request with specific info. Maybe there is a way to preload some info

A little example:

my calendar and the litle list are static so with this two data i do my request and return the second list so this second list has some details that clicking my second item-list should return it them in the table

What is the best way? do 1 request with expand and data from each item of my second list o made a request with the item clicked?

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2 Answers

Jakob Marius Kjær Apr 11 at 09:07 PM

As Jamie says it depends on the scenario. Normally a batch request with multiple calls is the best. However if you have one call that is taking very long and is less important, then disable the batch so the ui can become responsive much quicker. I had that scenario just last week.

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Jamie Cawley
Apr 11 at 05:08 PM

I would say this is very dependent on what the UI is doing. In you example I do not see any issue with this approach. The UI should load the data it needs, calling data they may never need is just making users wait for no reason.



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