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sap production planning

Apr 11 at 04:14 PM


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I have gone through many of the Blogs for the answers i require, but could not find my answer. we would like to use the strategy 40 in our Company , the issue is that we can't distinguish the planned orders / Purchase Requirements created via MRP planning are created because of planned Independent req.'s or because of sales orders.

e.g. a Situation where we have lot of planned orders in md04 for a material created via planned Independent req.'s for Article 1 produced using the work Center "A" and at the same time for article 2 also produced using the same workcenter "A", there are planned orders which are created because of sales orders. we want to prioritize and convert the planned orders created for sales order first and later for planned orders from planned Independent requirements. I know that there is a strategy 52 which allows to check the identification but there i can't confirm sales orders against the available stock. And strtgy 52 allows identification only on planned order but not on purchase order Level.

My question is, can we modify the strtgy 40 so that we can identify the planned orders and purchases requests created by planned ind. req.'s and saless orders?. I would appreciate if some one can help me out from this Problem. Thanking you very much..santosh

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Caetano Almeida
Apr 11 at 04:52 PM


In a MTS scenario, there will be no link between the requirement and the replenishment proposal. In fact, depending on your lot sizing proposal, the same planned order may be created to cover a planned order and a PIR. Even if you are using lot sizing procedure EX, if there is a sales order and a PIR in the same day, MRP will generate a single planned order.

Also, it is not possible to change planning strategy 40 in order to have a link with the sales orders and still consume PIRs.

You can try to use transaction MD09, which builds dynamically the link between requirement and receipt element, but it should be executed dynamically. Maybe you can create your own program using FM MD_PEGGING_NODIALOG to see which planned orders are pegged to sales orders.


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Dear Almeida, Thanks for your answer.

what would be the best lotsizing proposal for this strategy ? And please also let me know if we write a pogram with FM "MD_PEGGING_NODIALOG2, can i see all the planned orders created for sales orders.? And what about strategy 52 , can i Change it so that the sales orders created for material with strategy 52 can be confirmed against stock? as you know in strtgy 52 the planned order can be identified. Or do you have any other Suggestion in my case about prioritizing the planned orders for Sales orders. We dont have APO. Thank you ver ymuch in advance! and have a nice weekend



MD_PEGGING_NODIALOG works bottom up, so you would see all the sales orders for a given planned order.

In the solution, I don't think strategy 52 would be the solution in this case.