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SAP PI: "Authentication did not succeed"

Hi people.
I'm working on a SAP PI 7.30 double stack.

I developed a custom java module working on a communication channel adapter file in receive mode.

The module write a file on the file system and works fine.

The problem is that each time the module runs, in Log Viewer I find following error:


IP Address:
Authentication Stack:*MessagingSystem
Authentication Stack Properties:
template = ticket
policy_domain = /RWB
auth_method = basic
realm_name = Message Monitoring Login Module Flag Initialize Login Commit Abort Details
1. SUFFICIENT ok false true
#1 trusteddn1 = OU=J2EE,CN=PSM
#2 trusteddn2 = CN=PSM
#3 trustediss1 = OU=J2EE,CN=PSM
#4 trustediss2 = CN=PSM
#5 trustedsys1 = PSM,000
#6 trustedsys2 = PSM,001
#7 = true
2. OPTIONAL ok exception true Authorization header received is not SPNEGO token: Basic PIISSPI:<secure content>
3. REQUIRED ok false true
4. REQUISITE ok exception true Authentication did not succeed.
5. OPTIONAL ok true
No logon policy was applied
Any idea about it?
Thanks a lot for your support


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