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Can the optimizer spread FU's equally over certain time-frame?

Dear all,

We have the following requirement. Our customer asks us to pick-up 10 containers during the week(between Monday and Friday) and we have 5 trucks(which can each carry 1 container) available (and no other freight orders). So we create 10 Fu's with the following time windows:

Alternatively we can also make the requested dates conform the Acceptable dates by adjusting the condition for time-windows. But what we would like to achieve is that the optimizer creates 2 Freight Orders for each day, so the required capacity(10 containers during the week) is equally divided over the available capacity(5 truck during the week).

I did a lot of testing with the planning costs settings but don't manage. It seems to me that the optimizer always needs a reference time(start or end date) and cannot deal with a time window. The functionality to define that the cheapest option is to spread as much as possible does not exist. Please let me know if I am wrong/correct.

An alternative might be to create different Fu's(2 for each weekday), but in the FUBR I can't find a functionality to split the FU's over the given time window (acceptable or requested) in the FWO. As a last option I am considering to use allocations and to create 2 FO's a day by running report /SCMTMS/MP_SCHED_CREATE_TOR, but than I still don't have the resources assigned.

Any help and suggestions are welcome and I am mostly interested if you think the optimizer can divide a selection of FU's over a certain period with a selection of resources.

Kind regards,

Benno Mateman

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2 Answers

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    Apr 16, 2018 at 05:55 PM

    Hi Benno,

    What version of TM are you running?

    My first thought would be to do it by time. Set the duration of each trip to a workday. So, assuming 5 workdays in a week, if you have 1 truck, then it would be able to deliver 5 FO's a week. With 2 trucks, then it would work out to 10 FO's a week. However, my guess is there's probably more to this scenario than merely what you described.



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    • Dear Joseph,

      Thanks a lot for your answer, but I think the standard behaviour of the optimizer is "as cheap as possible and as soon as possible(ofcourse taking constraints like opening hours into account)". It is demand driven and not supply driven, which is also quite logical(It is a little bit a strange requirement). We will look for other solutions e.g. schedules, fixed duration in tr. lane, Scheduling constraints or allocations.

  • Apr 18, 2018 at 03:21 PM

    Benno, I wonder if you might try using Transportation Allocations. These control min/max carrier capacities of freight orders/bookings per day on a given Trade Lane. See menu path Planning > Allocation.

    Need to activate in SPRO node Define Transportation Allocation Settings. Also update your planning profile's Carrier Selection Settings - Allocation Usage field to "Use Transportation Allocations."

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