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Hello Mr. Jurgen,

The community forum is deteriorating day by day. When i am asking a question in the forum, i am ensuring that a thorough search is made by me both in the forum as well as in the market place before submitting the question. However i believe you are simply typing in google and if there is a response found you assume that it has an answer. But in reality it is not so. one good example is my recent query to EA-SCM activation. Have you gone through the discussions in the google if yes, you might have not deleted my query. I believe its an opportunity for SAP to provide support wherever a irreversible configuration is applicable. You really lack good qualities of a moderator.


Dilli Babu Radhakrishnan

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  • Dilli Babu Radhakrishnan

    First of all, you should try to understand the fact that no Moderator is having any personal vengeance and deleting OP's threads intentionally. If at all, you are confident that after searching Google only, you opened a discussion, then, may be, you can repost the same after justifying what exactly you searched. May be you should have included this in your original post so that everybody would come to know the efforts you put to find out solution to your problem. Most importantly, as already indicated, members are giving suggestions on their own and you cannot force even SAP employee to give suggestion here as it is purely run for the sake of consultants who would like to learn through this forum at a FREE OF COST

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2 Answers

  • Nov 02, 2016 at 06:08 AM

    If I reject a question then be sure that I did not just look at the number of results that I get in Google, I also open some of the first hits of what I found to see if these are answered questions and have enough information to answer your question too.

    My email address is my profile.

    The rejection happened with a comment and you should be able to comment on that comment, as this is the designated way of communication.

    You tagged this complained with physical inventory, which is also evidence for a misuse of tags and spoiling the board

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  • Nov 02, 2016 at 11:51 AM

    1) Why is this in Logistics Execution and not Using And physical inventory?

    2) I thought this was a forum for and by the community - not a place to get official SAP support

    3) If you want SAP support - if you are running a licensed copy of SAP, you are paying for it - use it through formal channels

    4) Jürgen is not an SAP employee, he is a user like the most of us on this community. Again, repeating myself, he is under no obligation to provide support.

    5) If you were attempting ANY configuration change, it is YOUR obligation to do the due diligence about the configuration change.

    6) If you are following SAP's guidelines you would have a sandbox environment to try such irreversible changes and check out their implications before moving to systems in your transport chain, and you would have also come up with a back-out plan.

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    • Raghu Govindarajan Dilli Babu Radhakrishnan

      "Tags are just one month old and I am in the process of learning."

      Now that you know that you posted with the wrong tags by multiple people and have even been directed as to which one to use, how about doing us all a favor and changing the tags now?

      Tags have been around in computing terms forever! Tag (metadata) - Wikipedia. Have you ever read a book with an index? Same thing - the concept has been around from before you were born.