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Former Member
Apr 16, 2018 at 11:08 AM

When do we need to run RGUGBR00


Hi All,

for me and for what I'm interested in , RGUGBR00 is used to generate programs of Valid/substit + programs of set

For valid substit, Program associated to valid/substit is generated :
1. when valid/substit is saved
2.when RGUGBR00 is run

The same for set.

Program of valid/substit is not generated after transport from one system to another. In consequence, after transport, the RGUGBR00 need to be run to generate the programm associated to valid/substit.

We cal also run the program in case of problem.

In the system of my client :
1. the program RGUGBR00 is run in production after transport of valid/sbstit to production. Normal for me.
2. a job is scheduled to run the program RGUGBR00 every day. Useless for me

For me, it is useless to run the program every day , as there is nothing new to generate.
It may be Dangerous if a document is posted , and if the system call the program of the substit/valid while the generation of that program.

Could you please tell me where I'm wrong ???

thanks by advance for any response !