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[Bug] Blogging with an iPad jumps all over the place

Apr 13 at 02:29 PM


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So I’m sitting at the airport with an hour’s flight delay and I decided to write a blog. I remember DJ Adams raving about the blogging platform (can’t find the reference), but my experience was quite the opposite

I don’t travel with a laptop, and am using an iPad and bluetooth keyboard, Safari browser. Originally it started out OK, but as I filled up a screen and saved a couple of drafts, the display would jump whenever I used the cursor keys. It basically scrolls down a page each time I use the cursor. Horrendously annoying to work with!

Another small bug (feature?): I’m a rookie blogger (yes really! At least on the new platform), so my blog had to go for review. I noticed a typo, but unfortunately once it’s in for review it can’t be edited. Is this deliberate? Not a biggie, I can edit once published, but just thought I’d mention it.

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2 Answers

Jamie Cantrell
Apr 13 at 05:42 PM

Hi Mike,

The second part of your question (re: no edits once it's submitted for review) is accurate and by design.

The bug you're reporting with blog edits on iPad is new to me. This would need to be investigated further with our support team. I'll forward the info and see what we can find out.



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Jerry Janda
Apr 24 at 01:42 PM

Hi, Mike:

As Jamie noted, we reported this to our support team, but they were unable to reproduce it.

At this point, all we can do is monitor to see if others report the same issue.

Best regards,


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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for getting back to me. Either I’m special or or your support team didn’t try very hard. Being a modest sort of chap, I’m inclined towards the latter.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a new blog
  2. Put cursor into main body
  3. Type ‘X’ (or any letter you fancy)
  4. Press enter 15 times
  5. It will put the cursor off the bottom of the screen, that’s ok.
  6. Now press ‘x’ again
  7. Press arrow up - the page scrolls down to bring the edit cursor into view.
  8. Press up again - the page keeps scrolling down <=== bug is now active
  9. Press up - now the page has scrolled down all the way and the edit box is no longer visible
  10. Manually scroll the page to bring the end of the text (2nd ‘x’) into view.
  11. Start typing some text after the x.
  12. Pretend you made a typo and press arrow left - page scrolls again and edit is no longer visible.

Once it starts in this mode it becomes very awkward to edit anything.

I tried Firefox too with the same result. As an aside, I also noticed that the blog page is very slow to load on FF mobile.


I think that the key is "bluetooth keyboard"!

Not sure it was tested with keyboard!


Hi, Mike:

Sorry, somehow I overlooked this.

I'll share your detailed explanation with support and get back to you. I'll make sure they take Vadim's comment into consideration as well.