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Sep 24, 2008 at 08:47 PM

How to change content of one Iview on click on links in another iview



I have two iviews in one page, Iview A and Iview B. On Page Iview B is under Iview A.

Iview A contains links to 4 different webynpro Iviews in portal.

Iview A displays those links using JSP dynpage component.

When I click on first link in Iview A, automatically Iview B should show that particular Webdynpro Iview.

When Second link second dynpro application/ Iview should open in section of Iview B.

I can add Ifram in component of fixed hight width and show direct URLs of Iviews in that particulat bottom section. However if there is any alternative / better approach to this then I would like to know it.

I think portal evnting can help me but that will need development of one more compoenet which I want to avaoid, but if there is simple, performance wise better approch then I want to go for that approach.