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OpenDocument URL - SAP System & Client are not prefilled in logon page

Apr 13 at 10:24 AM


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I use the following URL-link through HTTPS to access a SAP BO Design Studio application on a SAP BO BI Platform 4.1 SP6


When I open this link in the browser (IE or Chrome) it gives me the BI Launchpad logon screen without fields "System" and "Client" prefilled with values P70 and 700.

Any idea, why it is not prefilled?



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3 Answers

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Tim Ziemba
Apr 13 at 02:17 PM

IT should be giving you an opendocument logon screen not bilaunchpad.

In your what are your parameters for authentication.default? secsapr3?

In the BI > CMC > authentication > SAP > options what system and client is set there as a default? the same system/client or other?

There is no mechanism that I know of for the login screen to pick up the opendocument parameters, they are generally used for SSO if you have multiple BW systems setup to receive logon tickets from EP or other SAP application that can sent logon tickets to BI.

Is your goal to setup SSO to BI or bring up a manual logon screen with system and client details? If the system is selecte as a default you do not need to add them they should be used automatically if you leave em blank



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Sorry, I was wrong. Indeed, it is the OpenDocument Login Screen, which appears!

I would need to get in contact with basis team to find out the settings. I do not have admin access to the system.


My goal is actually the following:

I want to bypass the OpenDocument Logon screen while calling an OpenDocument URL for a DesignStudio report. The prerequisite is, to use SAP authentication. The 3rd party application, which makes the URL call, is only able to pass HTTP headers, so it can only work with HTTP Basic Authentication. My idea is now, that HTTP Basic Authentication will transfer username/password (of course we would use HTTPS protocol) and that the URL parameters sap_sysid / sap_client would tell the BO system (or OpenDocument interface) to use SAP authentication and to know, which SAP system to use for user authentication.


Hi Phillipp,

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. If passing a value for trusted authentication, the application will logon you on as an enterprise user combining that parameter passed (username) and the shared secret. Now that user can be an LDAP/AD/Enterprise type but not SAP. If you are trying to logon with SAP user (where the parameters may be needed) then your front end must pass logon tickets (or what we call mysapsso2 tokens) as per this KBA

The configurations are similar but the logon ticket is unique to only SAP applications (enterprise portal, fiori, CRM, and possibly others...)


Bharath B N
Apr 13 at 01:55 PM
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Denis Konovalov
Apr 13 at 11:26 AM

I'm not sure why would those parameters work , I can;t find them in the OpenDoc guide.

Do you have a document showing that sap_sysid and sap_client should work ?

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I saw them in a link provided by a colleague. Thanks for sharing the OpenDoc guide.