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ESS Leave request workflow : ws12300111 : Customizing

Dear experts,

I need to customoze ESS leave request workflow WS12300111.

Can you please tell me do I need to Copy this to a NEW workflow generating a new WF no or can I simply generate a new version for this only ? What is ideal ?

1. Can anyone tell me step by step process(config) in ESS leave application workflow?.(SWFVISU????)

2. Is workflow WS12300111, the only workflow that I need to look for leave application ?.

3. If it is WS12300111 I don’t see any start event for this workflow. So how is it getting triggered?

4. For the approval task TS12300097, agent determination is done by expression ‘&Agent_0001.Agents&’. How does it interact with Org.Structure.

5. In my scenario, approver should be supervisor of the employee applying for leave. If it is pending with this approver for 5 days it should go to the next up level manager.

For identifying first level approver is ‘&Agent_0001.Agents&’ enough.? For identifying 2nd level approval do I need to write a rule ?

Kindly help.

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3 Answers

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    Sep 25, 2008 at 11:54 AM

    Hi Sourav,

    Try this step by step process(config) in ESS leave application workflow.

    ESS Scenario

    Workflow Process 20000081 u2013 Create Leave Request with HTML

    Steps for triggering the workflow:

    1) The employee logs with his user name in the ESS web page.

    2) The employee creates a leave request with an optional note and sends it to the appropriate approver (usually his supervisor). The approveru2019s name is automatically displayed in the leave request form and the employee can replace him with another if such a change is needed.

    3) The approver (us approver) logs on to sap system or to ESS

    web pages and reads his mails in the SAP Business Workplace. The employeeu2019s leave request form appears in the workflow inbox with approve and reject options.

    A) If the us approver approves the leave request, he pushes the

    button approve from his mailbox (processing status A with

    approve). A screen is appeared with a box (Table entry: 0001)

    and the approver must push the button continue in order that

    the workflow is continued. Then the form is sent to the

    employeeu2019s mailbox in Sap. When the employee opens his mails, he receives a note in his inbox that u201Cthe absence from u2026. To u2026..has been approved byu2026.u201D.After that the absence is

    automatically created in the sap system. Then the approver gets a mail (notification of completion & Return u2026u2026).

    B) When the approver cancels a leave request, he pushes the

    button reject and the processing status changes to u201CRu201D.

    Then the same form appears

    Realative OSS Notes:588262, 480103, 717560, 452841, 359197, 321439, 428394, 321439, 693368, 451998 (ITS), 197746 (ITS), 419297 (ITS)

    ITS - ESS stand-alone solution for 4.7

    This solution allows customers to schedule the 4.6C or 470

    install / upgrade independently from the Enterprise Portal or

    mySAP Workplace implementation and will be supported at least as long as SAP R/3 4.6C and R/3 Enterprise is supported.

    This ESS stand-alone menu is intended solely to allow independent scheduling of the 4.6C or 470 upgrade and the Enterprise Portal / mySAP Workplace installation. To use this solution, you have to take the following steps:

    1. If you do not already have R/3 4.6C, HR support package 8,

    please import HR support packages to at least this level. From

    HR support package 8 and above, the correct services are

    implemented. For 470, the corresponding recommended HR SP is 16 (See note 621589)

    2. Verify that the ITS you want to use does not contain a service or service-related files (HTML templates, MIME files) for the services PZLE, PZM3 or PZM3_start. If you find these files,

    delete them.

    3. Publish the services PZLE, PZM3 and PZM3_start from your R/3 4.6C system (or R/3 470 system whichever is the case) to your ITS using the SAP@Web Studio or the IACOR service.

    4. Maintain the username-employeenumber assignment in your system by customizing Infotype 0105, Subtype 0001 of those employees, who should be able to use ESS.

    5. Verify that your users have proper authorizations for

    executing RFCs (that is, authorization object S_RFC) from the

    function group EH08. If you run into problems, this is most

    likely due to missing RFC authorizations to start the service


    6. Your users should now be able to access ESS by starting the service PZM3. They can do this by entering a URL like

    http://<ITS server>:<http port>/scripts/wgate/pzm3/!

    (the ! at the end is essential).

    7. ESS 4.70 Unicode System ITS 6.10 patch level 29 and above (With IE and Netscape). ITS 6.20, patch level 6 and above (With IE only).

    The ESS development tested these ITS versions.

    8. For Release 4.6C, ESS has the same browser requirements as the HTML (see also note 178788) and the mySAP Workplace 2.11 (if ESS is accessed through the mySAP Workplace 2.11).

    Hope it helps.Do award points if found helpful.



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    Sep 28, 2008 at 05:36 PM

    Hi Gaurav,

    Its too complicated for me.

    Two simple things :

    1). I am using ECC 6.0.

    2). Please tell me about WF # 12300111 ONLY as thats the WF I need to customize.

    Please andwer my query 1,2,3,4 as I requested in first message.

    Points will be awarded to acurate and helpful answers.

    Thanks a lot personally in advance.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Sowrav

      I have the same issue which you have posted i am using 12300111 .When the employee applied for the leave then it is showing 'The message has sent'. But when i check the manager's mail box the request is not appearing to his inbox can you help me in this regard.thanks in advance

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    Former Member
    Dec 11, 2009 at 04:45 PM


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