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How to register security batch in MRP

Apr 12 at 05:07 PM


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I'm not finding a way to register an additional percentage for MRP "Order Planning" suggestions for unplanned rejects.

Can anybody help me?

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2 Answers

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Jürgen L Apr 13 at 11:32 AM

on the MRP4 screen is a percentage for component scrap which should actually fulfill the wish, see the F1 field help

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Jürgen L, thanks again.

This field changes the amount of demand and the suggestion for purchase. that is, in the example I gave, demand is 1,200, and the purchase requirement is 1,200.

This way it does not work, I need the Demand to keep the 1,000 and change only the purchase suggestion to 1,200.

Jürgen L Apr 12 at 05:52 PM

Can you rephrase this question and eventually add an example or more details, especially about your current MRP related settings from material master

Right now I understand you want plan unplanned rejects, which could eventually mean that you want produce/purchase e.g. 20% more since 20% of your sold quantity is not good enough and will be returned from your customer unexpectedly . Is that the right understanding?

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Hello Jürgen,

The problem I have is in the raw material, example:

I have a demand of 1,000 pieces, and MRP suggests a purchase of 1,000 pieces, but I know from the history of this item, there may be loss of production of 20%, so I would like that the MRP suggested to me a purchase of 1,200 pieces (+20%), but without changing the demand of 1,000.