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Sep 24, 2008 at 10:18 AM

Error when creating custom tcode(YLI14) for LI14...


Hello Experts,

I am an abaper and recently I was given a task to hide the 'difference' column

in the display. We tried using transaction variants to no avail. So what I

did was to debug the program and I found out that it is displayed using simple

'WRITE' statements. So I copied the standard programs and includes and created

a custom tcode for it(YLI14). But when I tried to execute it, an error pops up

saying 'An internal error has occurred (Transaction YLI14)', 'Message no. L3703'.

It also said in the diagnosis that 'This transaction is not defined in the transaction table.'

which I found out to be table T340.

So, do we need to maintain my custom tcode in SPRO? if yes, please show me the steps.

Thank you guys and take care!