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Deactive discount condition when free goods determine in Sales order

Apr 12 at 09:32 AM


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Hi All,

I have a requirement in which our client gives exclusive free goods but at the same time discount also hit on main item now the requirement when free goods determine system deactivates discount condition on main item, Sales person who enter orders does not know which material is free. Same material can be used normally without free goods determination when date is over.

Material 10 (Main item) ZTRA and ZDSP (discount)

Material 2 (Free) Exclusive

Here I want to deactivate ZDSP when we get free goods material

I need advice how to handle this issue.


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you can go with a routing assigned to this discount condition with logic of free goods item category

iam not sure if we can handle with condition Exclusion,need to check


Thanks Siva

how to include item category in exclusion. Its a different requirement from user.



since free goods is controlled by condition type-R100 you can use this for condition exclusion

excluding item category is again can be done with routine


Dear Siva,

For free goods we are using Condition NA00 in VBN1 tcode and system automatically explode BOM for TANN as a free item.

Now the issue is how to add this in exclusion condition how to make a link and disable discount. Kindly help

Asad Aslam Roshan

Dear Siva,

can you please tell me how to apply routine logic in case free goods are determine then system check discount condition and deactivate it.


Asad Aslam Roshan

Please discuss with your ABAP team as to some extent, you need to put some efforts and for everything SCN members cannot assist.

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