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Message Packaging in PI not working as described?

Yesterday I made some tests with the new feature message packaging. I noticed some strange and very impractical behaviour. Generally it says that PI takes packages of n messages when available and sends any message at least in time t. First restriction: This is per queue, i.e., when n messages arrive in one queue, a package is built. I reduced queues to one and sent test messages, setting n = 3 and t = 10. No matter how many messages I sent, the system always waited the 10 seconds and then started processing, even though I sent 3 messages. If I send 7 messages, the system waits for 10 seconds, then grabs 6 messages in 2 packages and then waits again for 10 seconds till the last message is proceeded.

Then I configured 2 scenarios A and B. I set n = 3 for both, but for A t = 10 and for B t = 30. If I send now messages BBAAAB, the system waits 30 seconds and then processes all messages (in 2 packages), although t = 10 for scenario A. If I send ABBBAA, the system waits for 10 seconds, then processes all As, then waits again for 20 or 30 seconds till processing the Bs.

Has anybody made similar experiences? Did I forget something somewhere?

Please don't post links like this one:

I followed the steps there, and the problem does not seem to be due to some configuration made there. Any comments like "will be fixed in SP6" or "set parameter X to Y and it works" are really welcome.



P.D.: I am really quite annoyed that entries in smpprel3 seem to be made only for scenarios with a mapping and that the message packaging retrieves interface data from there. Most of our scenarios don't use mappings, and creating entries for these scenarios manually is really not a nice task.

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