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Operation Scrap with Repetitive manufacturing

Apr 11 at 08:18 PM


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In my organization few processes, we deal with discrete manufacturing and few processes we deal with REM manufacturing.

I have a question regarding operation scrap.

In discrete manufacturing when we define operation scarp then we able to see the next operation is reduced with operation scrap amount.

In below example I defined 10 % scarp at first operation, the second operation defined 20% scarp. So finally when I create production order then I can see after the first operation there is a reduction of 10% qty. The second operation there is 90 qty. Also, the second operation has 20% scrap so the third operation gets again a reduction of 20 % qty.So final outcome is 72 qty.

The same requirement how can I set up in REM. There is engineering west which I cannot define with assembly scarp or component scarp. How to configure and declare same in REM scenario?

I assign operation scarp in routing but when I am executing assembly backflush in MFBF then I always get component qty which display in planned order.

Why is the system not reducing qty as per the operation scarp definition same as discrete manufacturing?

How to handle this requirement?

Thank you in advacne for the answer.

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Jessica Li
Apr 26 at 01:49 AM

Hi Maulik,

REM is repetitive manufacturing, usually used for industries with huge volume, low cost, simple operations. Thus scrap does not occur every time MFBF occurs based on the scrap setting, but user can scrap once for a period.

best regards,


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Thank you for the answer.

You are right. It always depends on the process. In My past organization, we post it every month.

In current organization, we want to book same as discrete. Because some work centre always gave less output and this because of operational or engineering waste. So we like to book same like discreet to each operation or at each reporting level.

Is it possible to post or book operational scrap in REM ?



Hi Maukik,

I get the background. I don't think REM order can work as discrete manufacturing. If you really want this feature, you can consider using production order instead of REM.


Thank you for the reply.


Hi ,

In REM scrap posting is done via MFBF> click on SCRAP tab select which you want to scrap in the system either assembly or component or Acitivity , then enter scrap qty, according to BOM system proposes scarp qty and as per REM settings mvt type 551 is determined.

can you check it..


Kumar Semmalai