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What does the "Returns" checkbox in the Item configuration in SPRO?

Apr 11 at 03:23 PM


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in SPRO -> Define Item Categories, what is the meaning of the "Returns" option? The help says: This item is a returns item if the field is selected.

What is the consequence in the process, if I use this item category?



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2 Answers

Typewriter TW Apr 11 at 05:52 PM

Exactly means what the help says.

There are two directions goods can travel.



This field determines the direction

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Thanks, but in the process, what it means? Is a inbound delivery expected? Can I create an invoice without MIGO?

My question was would be affected in the process, if I hook this box.




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Arputharaj Prasad Apr 16 at 06:26 AM

I understand that this field is used for many internal validation as SAP should know that this particular order is a return order. When the item category is enabled with this check box (TVAP-SHKZG), this flows into VBAP-SHKZG during sale order creation. This VBAP-SHKZG is used in many programs . I presume that apart from identifying the order as returns from the document type/category, SAP need one more field at item category level to have a better control during internal validation.

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