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Sep 24, 2008 at 05:56 AM

disks in rootvg is 100% busy. users can not login GUI. Help!


I have a system problem. Today, in about 20 minutes, users can not logon to the system from their GUI. I can see some information in AIX .

the system rootvg:hdisk0,hdisk1 is 100%busy.

there are many swap, pagein pageout viewing from vmstat .

another information is : In our system, the memory usage is always 90%,and the swap usage is always 25% . If I restart the system, the swap usage will be below 10%, after several weeks, it becomes 25% again.

why hdisk0,hdisk1 is busy, there are no sap data in rootvg.

if it is because we have not restart our system for a long time ?