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Page, controller, or MIME already exists in application in sap crm webui

Hi Experts,

I need to bind BTAdminI of BT112H_SC component context node to other custom component BTAdminI context node.

BT112H_SC is already enhanced .For this custom component also generated.But when i am trying to enhance component controller i am getting error like "

Page, controller, or MIME already exists in custom application in sap crm webui".

So i opened custom component(which was generated when BT112H_SC is enhanced). When I opened this custom component there was no z class generated for component controller for this custom controller.

To bind BTAdminI of BT112H_SC i need to write the binding logic in wd_usage_initialize.It is not allowing me to edit.Hence I did implicit enhancement to write binding the logic and also created component usage.and I also created context node properly in custom component.

But my problem is i am not able to see Items data in custom component.Means binding is not happening properly.

Could you please help me on this issue to bind BTAdminI of BT112H_SC in custom component

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  • Hi

    I'm not sure if you use the term "custom component" right!?

    If you enhance an SAP standard component a Z-component is created- but this is not a "custom component"! And you only do changes in the SAP standard component (within the extension set)!

    If you have created a completely standalone Z-component and named your enhancment component (popup for enhancment objects when initially enhance a standard component), then you messed things up!

    Please provide a screen shot of the standard component BT112H_SC, the enhancment component (Z_BT112H_SC?) and your custom component!



  • Former Member Domi Bigl

    Hi Domi,

    Now i am able to add my code in ZComponent WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE method.But still i have one problem.

    I am not able to see any values at BTAdminI .Data is not filling in collection wrapper.

  • Hi

    so you enhanced the component but need to enhance the compcontroller also?

    Maybe the Fast Item Switch is active - see CL_BT112H_S_BSPWDCOMPONEN_CTXT=>CLASS_CONSTRUCTOR and Note 2149971

    If so, see view BT112H_SC/ItemList for possible solution (CL_BT112H_S_ITEMLIST_IMPL->ON_ITM_SEARCH)

    BTW: please try to use the functional style for method calls

          iv_usage->bind_context_node( iv_controller_type  = cl_bsp_wd_controller=>co_type_component
                                       iv_target_node_name = 'BTADMINI'
                                       iv_node_2_bind      = BTAdminI' ).



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