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Former Member
Sep 24, 2008 at 03:55 AM

overwrite doesnot available in aggregation of Rule details


Dear Expert:

Data transfer from DSO_01 to DSO_02, in DSO_01, there are five records for one material, after uploaded to DSO_02, due to the key reduce, for one material ,it aggregate into one record, there is 0AMOUNT in DSO_01, every records is 100, so the five records is the same value, I want to upload into DSO_02, also display 100, but the result is 500 in 0AMOUNT in DSO_02, I select overwite in rule details and directly assign (fields mapping).

I don't what's the reason? I test it, it seems there is not changes whatever I select overwrite or sum in aggregation of rule details. there is not any routine in the data transfermation.

Can any expert give me some way to find the reason?

Thanks a lot