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Credit Limit Sales value

Good day,

When we change the mass fields brgew/ntgew the price needs to be redetermined but the problem is that when we change the mass fields the sales value(fd33) gets updated but the price did NOT change, so in fact the credit limit gets reserved twice

Please help!

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    Good day,

    I have checked all our customized settings and search all forums but cannot find a solution to this, I will try and explain in more detail

    We are using variant confiq in creating sales orders and the nett mass and gross mass fields are part of the variant confiq, we do however populate the standard brgew and ntgew mass fields in table vbap from there. When we create a sales order and the billing block is not lifted(open order) the value of that sales order gets added to FD33 sales value which is 100% correct, when we make a change to that same order(billing block still not lifted so still an open order) on the mass fields, the value of that order gets added to the FD33 sales value again, that means we have added the value of an open order more than once to the FD33 sales value, that value should remain unchanged it doesn't matter how many times I change the order,, the only time I expect the value to be added to the FD33 sales value is when I change the mass fields and it changes the order value and only the difference should be added or subtracted from the FD33 sales value

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