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Customer Hierarchy not refecting in Bex Query After transport BID TO BIP

Apr 12 at 05:00 AM


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I have Created the new Customer hierarchy which is i am using the Bex query,but when transporting the BEx query from BID To BIP ,the hierarchy is not reflecting Bex Query(in Production .

Same Customer Hierarchy i have created in BIP.

Kindly find the screen shot.


vinod patel

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1 Answer

Koen Hesters Apr 12 at 07:02 AM
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Hi koen,

I am not clear on the below link,this link is not related to my issue.

actually i have created hierarchy under the 0customer which i am using in Bex query.

Step : RSH1

Step2 0customer

step3 Copy the existing Hierarchy and Paste and change the name

Step 4 The new Hierarchy i am using in Bex Query.


rsh1.png (40.1 kB)


isn't your question how to transport a hierarchy in BW, because you state: "can't see the hierarchy after transportation"?

in that case, you can't transport custom hierarchies in BW, but there are workarounds and those you can check in the links I gave you in my previous comment