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Output Type not working on Credit on Miro

Apr 12 at 03:36 AM


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Former Member

Hi all,

I have set up a new output type for MR (IV), I've set the condition records by Company Code and Document type, also the procedures MR0002, and I cannot make the output type show up in my credit memo.

Can anyone explain me how an output type tie to a certain invoice type? Any idea what else I can do to have it working?



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Jürgen L Apr 12 at 03:01 PM

I can't see something obviously wrong from your screenshots.

What does the log say?

In OSS notes 576385 - MIRO: Customer-specific message is not generated and 318126 - MR1M: Prevent manual creation of messages

you can at least find info about the V0104 message and in which cases it is triggered.

OSS note 129643 - Invoice verification: Creating message records also provides some good-to-know background information which could be used to check some details in your custtomizing

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Former Member

Hi Jurgen,

I was able to figure that out making the doc type as MMOERS, and deleting the requirement for this output in the procedure MR0002. Thanks for the help.

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Former Member Apr 12 at 01:16 PM

Hi Jurgen, here are some prints, and more detailed explanations from NACE and Miro. Im glad you are still here helping people.

I have created the output type YNAC based on existing YNAB, that is used to send debit note via email when there is debit note for price variance in a certain invoice.

I have inserted Condition Record by Company Code and Credit Note document type

I've inserted the communication details as per YNAB

output type already working and sending PDFs

In Procedures, I have inserted YNAC, underneath YNAB in the MR0002 Procedure

The new output was created in the following way.

Custom access sequence with keys as Company Code, and Doc Type

Document type as MMICREDIT. The previous one was MMOERS. I wonder if I should not have changed it.

Other than that, the same program, and form are being used.

So here is how I created the Credit Memo, debiting the vendor by a certain portion of a GR returned

When I check output messages on header level, nothing is there.

Even if I try to insert it manually, I have the following error

Thank you

Antonio Rocha

1.jpg (43.2 kB)
2.jpg (84.0 kB)
3.jpg (120.5 kB)
4.jpg (58.5 kB)
5.jpg (55.8 kB)
6.jpg (64.0 kB)
7.jpg (110.7 kB)
8.jpg (35.4 kB)
9.jpg (75.3 kB)
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Jürgen L Apr 12 at 04:48 AM

What about customizing, only condition records is a bit too less to make a new process, show screenshots from what you did if you want the community to evaluate, otherwise it is just guessing with hours of back and forth replies

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Former Member Apr 12 at 11:00 PM

I have another quick question on that if possible. In same cases I see that the new output is being found, but not inserted in the grid. Please find the prints below

No new YNAC output

But when I check the determination analysis, it is right there. Have you seem it before?

10.jpg (46.8 kB)
10.jpg (85.6 kB)
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