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Sep 23, 2008 at 03:15 PM

CAT2 personnel number does not exist


Hello everyone. I have an employee that was created using personnel number 111. Something had to change on the associates HR master data after about 2 months so personnel number 111 was deleted, and the associate was then created under personnel number 222. During the two months that the associate was using personnel number 111 they entered time in CAT2 to a wbs element. When the personnel number 111 was deleted, the associate then went in and reenterd the same time in CAT2 using personnel number 222. This caused the wbs element to be charged twice. When I try to go into CAT2 now I am getting the error message that "personnel number 111 does not exist". I need to remove the time entered using personnel number 111, but cannot. We cannot just have the associate delete the entries made in CAT2 using personnel number 222 because metrics are tracked for employees based on time entered. Any experience with this issue? How do I delete the time that was entered in CAT2 by personnel number 111. Any help is greatly appreciated.