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Sep 23, 2008 at 02:46 PM

"The string ' ' is not a valid Boolean value".



I am trying to consume a webservice from teh ES workplace. I used

Ingo Sauerzapf's document "How to consume ES webservices with Microsoft Visual Studio" and loved it. It was a great starting point. prior to this I had struggled through consuming an ES webservice with issues like deserialization etc. But after reviewing the article/blog/document - I was able to solve many of my problems instantly.

However, I have an unresolved issue dealing with "Boolean" values.

I am getting

" the string ' ' is not a valid Boolean value"

error in my code. When I try to consume this with ABAP editor I do not have a problem. Upon further investigation I see that within SAP we have the Data Domain for boolean as 'XSDBOOLEAN' with values "X-True and ' '-False". How do I resolve this with MS Visual Studio because we only have data type "BOOL" ?

Thanks for your help in advance.