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Inbound 820 does not clear Credit Memos for Customer.

Apr 11 at 03:38 PM


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Hi Expert,

For the US customer, we are receiving a file from a bank through ANSI820. iDoc Basic type is PEXR2002 and Message Type is REMADV.

This file can have for both Invoices & Credit Memos. When the file with Credit Memo is received by the system, it is giving me the error that “The difference is too large for clearing. Message no. F5263”.

Invoice: $100 (Amount in iDoc is 100 USD)
Credit Memo: $10 (Amount in iDoc is -10 USD)
Payment: $90

So even when this should post the clearing document, we are getting the error. Can anyone please suggest what could be the issue here? I have attached the screenshot for iDoc segments for better understanding.

Thanks a lot in anticipation.



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3 Answers

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Sanket Sachde Apr 24 at 11:02 AM

To resolve this we need to Update Segment E1IDPU1 with CRM instead of INV when the amount is negative.

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Praf K Apr 11 at 10:09 PM

Hello Sanket,

is the payment difference in line with the payment terms in OBB8?

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Hi Praf K,

As i explained the scenario, There is no payment difference.



are the amounts in line with the tolerances setup? I've also found the following, maybe one of these might help you. Please let me know once you resolve. Thank You.

The error message F5 263 (Difference too large for clearing) appear

because no appropriate open items could be found.

listed below common causes for F5263.

Common causes for F5263:

1) Range from [ ] to [ ] in the BELNR - may not be complete

2) Date of statement earlier than check date (must be later!)

3) Balances: check that the opening balance plus the debits

minus the credits MUST equal the closing balance.

4) The coding is such that there must be an EXACT match

of check number between the data on the bank statement file

and the entry in the check register. (leading zeroes, etc.)

It could be that coding was tightened up to prevent WRBTR search

The IMG path is the following:

Financial Accounting -> General Ledger Accounting ->

Business Transactions -> Open Item Clearing -> Clearing Differences

-> Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts.

This tolerance group must be entered in the master data of the G/L


Be aware that the difference amount will NOT be posted on

account but posted to a customized difference account.

Please, check if permited payment differences are allowed in

transaction OBA4 and OBA3.


Hi. Thank you again for your time.

However, i have already explored on that path. When i am posting clearing document manually (And not through idoc), it is going through for same parameters. The issue is with the idoc posting and hence i am anticipating it is something to do with qualifiers, segments etc which is i am unable to figure out and hence would need the help.


G Lakshmipathi
Apr 20 at 08:29 AM

Have a look at OSS note 2255988

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