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Sep 23, 2008 at 01:42 PM

PM (T-code IW32) - Creation of purchase requisition permitted price=0$



In IW32, we are able to enter a price of 0,00$ and save the purchase requisition. In ME51N, this action is not possible, we have to enter a price > 0,00$. Why are we able to save a 0,00$ purchase requisition using IW32, and not ME51N? We should not be able to create a 0,00$ purchase requisition in IW32 !

IW32 procedure of PO creation:

1. Run IW32

2. Enter order number

3. Go to «components» table

4. DO NOT enter component, enter description, reqmnt qty, UM, IC, Plnt, OpAc

5. Select the line item

6. Click on the Purchasing button at the bottom left of the screen

7. Enter Price = 0,00$, G/L account number, and save

8. Quit IW32 transaction

9. Go back in IW32, select the line item, click on the purchasing button, and there will now be a purchasing requisition number in the Purchasing Data table.

10. Go in ME54N. You will now be able to release a 0,00$ purchase requisition....

The system SHOULD NOT allow me to create and release a 0,00$ purchase requisition. How can I fix this?