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Show all values in a scatter plot

Apr 11 at 01:50 PM


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Hello, i have a report dev. in Crystal Reports which is a basic scatter plot showing two simple values on X and Y respectively.

scatter.jpgNow ive adressed a big issue, and found no clues in the user manual.

As shown in my example image, the Points are fully ok, but there are a lot of records where the value for the Y-axis is = 0 but there are Always just one showing in the plot, (in this specific ex. there are 8 records equal 0) How can i make all of these Points show up along the x-axis?

A second question is also this: How can i make the chart to show outliers? I have a maximum Y-axis value set to 150, and every point above that is not showing at all. Here i need every Point above 150 to be shown on the maximum line (150).

Best regards,


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Graham Cunningham
Apr 13 at 07:58 PM

Hello Axel,

Without access to your source data I can only theorize that it is displaying the one 0 value is plotted on the chart either because the group values are being summed or no other X axis values are between 244 and 262. What is your on change of field set to? You might want to try and set it to For each record.

As for the outliers, I created a scatter chart that had Y axis values from 2000 to 4000 and then in the Chart Expert > Axes I unchecked Auto Range and set the min to 2000 and the max to 3000. It displayed all values >=3000 on the maximum 3000 line.


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Former Member

Thank you Graham for theorizing with me, it was exacly the case, the display setting was not set to change For each record. I really thought a had tried this Before but no. Thank you very much.

Best regards, Axel