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Cross Application Navigation with Routing


I have coded cross application navigation logic to navigate from one component to another, however I would like to nagivate to a specific route in the target component.


I have two apps:

  1. Credit App (Source App)
  2. Query App (Target App)

The target app has the following CrossNavigation and Routing config in the manifest:

"crossNavigation": {
	"inbounds": {
		"intent1": {
			"signature": {
				"parameters": {},
				"additionalParameters": "allowed"
			"semanticObject": "Query",
			"action": "Manage"


"routes": [
	"name": "Overview",
	"pattern": "",
	"target": ["Overview"]
	"name": "create",
	"pattern": "Create",
	"target": ["Create"]

In the Source app I have coded the following cross app navigation logic which loads the target component without any issue,

var oCrossAppNav = sap.ushell && sap.ushell.Container && sap.ushell.Container.getService("CrossApplicationNavigation");
var href_For_Query_create = (oCrossAppNav && oCrossAppNav.toExternal({
target: {
semanticObject : "Query", action : "Manage" 
params: {
  "SoldTo" : sSelectedSoldTo,
  "SalesOrderNo" : sSelectedOrder,
  "Subject" : "Y2"
})) || "";

I would like it to route to the Create target ("/Create") target and not the Overview target( ""). How should the navigation be coded to include the target hash route in the url?

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