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Sep 23, 2008 at 10:48 AM

Excise Base value and BED is wrong in MIGO while Depot


we are creating the PO for Depot, Tax code is NO ED setoff means

The BED is going to Inventory.

material is FERT material and Plant is DEPOT. we are using the conditions here are PB00some Z conditions and the BED is calculted on the PB00Z conitions ,

The BED and ECS and SEcess is shown in PO taxes tab correctly.

But when i go for MIGO "Create RG23D entry" the System will shown me the Double the BED and excise Base value is only taking the PB00 value, it is not taking the PB00+Z conditions why?

ECS and SEcess both are correct.

Here in PO the BED is calculted on PB00+Zconditions*....

In MIGO Excise Item the BED % is showing me wrong values....It is not shwoing us the 14% correctly every time it is shown us different values

We are maintained the J1ID correctly for these........

After MIGO posting:

But the BED and remaing values are correctly shown in J1IDEPOTSTCOK1 tcode.

But when i saw the J_I1ECDHDR table the BED is Double and ECS and SECess both are correct

Why the BED is double and Excise base value wrong in MIGO...

Then I go for J1IG Here system is showing me Only BED i,e also wrong and it is not shwoing me ECS and SECess blank why?

Please kindly do the needful


sapman man