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Sep 23, 2008 at 09:54 AM

Apache 2.0.63 problem


Dear Gurus

i have configured apache 2.0.63 on windows system

my httpd.conf file looks like

ProxyRequests off

<Proxy *>

Order deny,allow

Allow from all


ProxyPass /irj

ProxyPassReverse /irj

ProxyPass /webdynpro

ProxyPassReverse /webdynpro

ProxyPass /logon

ProxyPassReverse /logon

every thing working fine, but for the Visual Composer Reports(DashBoards) , first link Proxied fine.

but, When i drill down(double Click) that Graph it runs WAD report using the following path.

here it is not proxying, but routing to the original location, so again it is asking the user credentials to the main server location!3aportal_content!2fcom.hhml.BI_DEV.BI_DEV!2fBIWebtemplates!2fSparesSalesValueWAD?sap-config-mode=true*

when i trace it through httpWatch this is the link causing the problem

but actualy it should starts like:

how can i Proxy it.


Balaji nampally