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Sep 23, 2008 at 08:06 AM

PS with SD - assembly processing



I would like to make assemly processing, assignement between SD and PS, what I have at this time:

1. I have standard project with one element PSP the structure is:

AR-0001 - definition,

AR-0001 - main element,

AR-0001.01 one element PSP,

I checked SD/PS assignement

2. I have standard network:

10000 - network definition,

10 - internal activity

3. I have material index

this is HAVA type, in MRP 3 view in strategy group field I entried 80

4. I have in CN08 assignements:

material index width above standard network, and above standard element AR-0001.01

So when I create in VA01 SD order the system doesn't generate project. Why? What should I check more to generate SD order?